educators - Arielle Tonkin

Arielle Tonkin is an artist, educator, and a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA 2017) based in Berkeley, CA. Her artwork, rooted in painting and social practice, centers intra-faith and interfaith healing through exhibitions, performances, and workshops. As a Teaching Artist, Arielle facilitates classes and workshops at universities, secondary schools, and organizations locally and nationally. Arielle is a Museum Educator at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Arielle also works as a Jewish educator and ritual facilitator, or a "para-rabbinic artist," and in this capacity she received a 2012 Talmud fellowship from the Hadar Institute in NYC, and was the 2019 Senior Fellow of the Maker Kollel at Atiq: Jewish Maker Institute. Arielle exhibits her work nationally, with some recent highlights including the Omni Commons, Oakland, CA, the Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, and the Rubin Frankel Gallery, Boston, MA. Arielle practices anti-racist activism through arts and culture work, and she weaves relationships and materializes conversations on a international, national, and local scale: the Arts Jam for Social Change, Tzedek Lab, Asylum Arts, and upcoming in 2020, the Open Windows Cooperative, are her networks of accountability, collective power, and care. Her artwork form-alizes the belief that healing relationships can shift the fabric of social space and eventually, maybe, shift the physical world.