Israeli Fellowship

Amitei Bronfman is The Bronfman Fellowship's Israeli program. Launched in 1998, the Amitim program consists of a year-long series of educational seminars for a diverse group of 20 Israeli high school juniors, including an all-expense-paid trip to North America. The selected fellows, from varied religious, social, and ideological backgrounds, are brought together for eight seminars to interact and engage. Discussion topics range from identity and communal relationships with Judaism and Jewish culture, to social and secular relationships.

The goal of these seminars is to explore and strengthen the ties between groups of differing beliefs by fostering lasting and deep friendships between individuals. More broadly, the program aims to develop thoughtful young leaders with a sense of social and communal responsibility.  

In accordance with the Bronfman Fellowship's belief that Israeli and American Jews must learn and be enriched by each other, the Amitim and the American Fellows spend 10 days together in a mifgash (encounter) during the summer.  Later in the year, Amitim travel to the United States to meet again with the American fellows and to further enhance their understanding of American Jewish life.

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