Apply to the AVF

The Alumni Venture Fund is currently accepting applications! 
The deadline to submit is June 11, 2020. Fill out the pre-application form.

10 Alumni Venture Fund Grants of $2,000 each are being awarded to alumni-led projects in Spring/Summer 2020.


We are going through unprecedented times right now, both in the challenges so many of us are facing, and in the opportunity for innovation and creativity. The projects we hope to fund may include direct responses to COVID-19, but will hopefully also represent a wide range of diverse topics, causes, modalities and interests.

Projects must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  • The project is initiated by the applying alum, and/or alum plays a major role in the execution of the project.
  • Project must be launched and money spent by Dec. 31, 2020. (Unspent funds must be returned.)
  • The project must align with the Bronfman Mission and Alumni Impact Framework.
  • The $2000 must be a changemaking grant - i.e., the funds are essential to the viability of the project, or to take the project to a new level.

Grantmaking focus for 2020:

  • Projects that are particularly relevant to this year will be prioritized. 
  • Projects that involve multiple Bronfman alumni, particularly collaborations between Israeli and American alumni, will be prioritized.

Before You Apply:

  1. Determine who will be receiving the funds if you are awarded a grant. Will it be an individual (Bronfman alumni only), or a sponsoring non-profit organization? See below for an explanation of the two options. (coming soon)
  2. Will your project be launched before the end of 2020? If not, you may not be eligible.
  3. Work out a budget for your project. Not sure where to start? Here is a link to a sample budget template.
  4. Write your responses to the long questions before filling out the application. You will not be able to save an incomplete form to finish later. Use this document as a guide. 

Any other questions? Please be in touch and we can arrange a conversation with you and an AVF committee member or a staff person. Email if you're interested in a chat.

AVF Grant Pre-Application Form:

The first step to applying is to fill out the AVF PRE-APPLICATION FORM. After that screening process, you will be sent a link to the full application due June 11, 2020.

FAQs about this cycle:

  • Who can apply? ANY Bronfman alum from North America or Israel is eligible to apply for an organization or initiative that they help lead.
  • Does this have to be a Jewish idea? No! You are welcome to apply for an idea, initiative, or organization that is either Jewish or secular.
  • What if I work as a professional at the organization for which I'd like to apply? That's awesome! As long as you don't apply for funding that will go towards your own salary, you are welcome to apply. But keep in mind the requirements and guidelines at the top of this page.
  • What if I have questions? Feel free to be in touch with Aaron Steinberg ( with questions about your application. 


Who will receive the grant funds? 

  • Individual: Grants to an individual must be payable to an alum of the program. That alum will be required to report the grant to the IRS as income, and may be subject to taxation.  
  • Non-Profit: If a grant payment is to be made to a sponsoring non-profit organization on behalf of an alum, the alum must provide documentation of that organization's non-profit status and the name of a contact at that organization who has agreed to sign the grant agreement along with the alum.