Alumni Life

The Bronfman Fellowship is a lifelong fellowship; our community of Fellows is continually strengthened by the diversity of paths in which our alumni engage--professionally, religiously, and geographically.  In addition to the American Fellows scattered around the world, our Israeli fellows, Amitei Bronfman, anchor our presence in Israel.

The power of the Fellowship as a long-term community lies in the connections we build between alumni, in college, as young professionals, and as families.  Through our Listserv, we open up a virtual conversation between diverse individuals; through programming in cities throughout the US and Israel, we bring individuals together in person; through targeted networking, we facilitate collaboration and peer support.  Our unique approach to alumni engagement was featured by the Schusterman Foundation.

The direction of our alumni efforts are led by a group of Alumni Advisory Board members, and alumni contribute to their peers’ success through the Alumni Venture Fund.