Encounter with Israeli Peers

A highlight of the Fellowship is the opportunity to meet Israeli peers.  Fellows spend over a week with our Israeli Bronfman Fellows who are part of our Israel Fellowship program, Amitei Bronfman.  The cross-cultural exposure to a group of diverse young Israelis provides for a nuanced and fun encounter.  

“The stay was truly incredible. While we rested a great deal, and did a lot of fun things, what was truly astonishing were the people, and way of life I was introduced to.” - Aaron Shaefer Neitz (Bronfman ’13)

Our program includes: 

  • Summer Context seminar: A one-week seminar in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv with our Israeli Fellows. 
  • Israeli homestays: Fellows are hosted for the weekend by Israeli Fellows. The homestay experience allows the American Fellows a better understanding of Israeli life and a closer connection to their Israeli counterparts. 
  • American homestays: American Fellows in the Northeast welcome Amitim into their homes for a weekend in December. This homestay serves as a continuation of the intercultural exchange.