Shir Meshali (Amitei Bronfman '07) was born and raised in Beit Shemesh. Post high school she attended the “HaEmek” mechina (a gap year program of volunteering and learning) in the North of Israel. She served in the IDF Spokesman’s Unit as an officer, first in units representing the Southern Command and Tel Aviv and in her last year overseeing coordination with the Palestinian population in Gaza. After service, Shir traveled and worked at Mechinat HaEmek. Shir is a graduate of Cadets for Municipal Service Program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, that trains a cadre of dynamic new municipal leaders for Israel's periphery. She currently works as a referent for economic planning at Netivot Municipality in Southern Israel.

She is also President of the Amitei Bronfman Vaad.


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