"Aseh l'cha rav uk'neh l'cha chaver" // "Make for yourself a teacher and

acquire for yourself a friend" (Pirkei Avot 1:6).  

During the summer experience, Bronfman Fellows study this text first.  Its emphasis on the relationships built through study and engagement is one we uphold throughout the fellowship.

BYFI believes in a leadership rooted in the wisdom of Jewish text and is energized by the joy of Jewish learning.  We cultivate relationships through partnership in learning (chevruta) and the multivocality of the house of study (beit midrash). We're excited to share some of our favorite resources here.

Rabbi Mishael Zion's Talmud Live series

Rabbi Mishael Zion's blog 

Celebrating Edgar M. Bronfman's legacy with communal learning

Dr. Judith Rosenbaum teaching: Beyond tikkun olam: history, meaning, and relevance of Jewish activism in America.

Passover Resources 

Sukkot Art & Writing from BYFI Alumni